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David Urmie



All-Star Coach: VooDoo, Nighthawks, Phoenix, and Mystic

Angie Waddell

Office Manager

Mindy George

Director of Levels 5 and 6

All-Star Coach: Phoenix

Emilee Shepard

Director of Prep and Novice Program

All-Star Coach: Redfeathers, and Litefoot

Tumbling Instructor

Justin Gelso

Director of Levels 3 and 4

All-Star Coach: Nighthawks, and Mystic

Tumbling Instructor

Payton Lewis

Director of Social Media

Director of Junior Staff

All-Star Coach: Na'vi, Thunderbirds, and Renegades

Tumbling Instructor

Nataly Hurt

All-Star Coach: Skyhawks and Rainmakers

Tumbling Instructor

Kami Glenn

All-Star Coach: Smoke and Mystic

Tumbling Instructor and Evaluations

Kira Cornelieus

All-Star Coach: Wildspirits, Firebirds, and Outlaws

Tumbling Instructor

Cheyenne Patrick

All-Star Coach: Moonlight, Dreamcatchers, and Renegades

Tumbling Instructor 

Lanie Waddell

All-Star Coach: Firebirds

Tumbling Instructor

Nick Smith

All-Star Coach: Smoke and VooDoo

Tumbling Instructor

Ben Van Engal

All-Star Coach: Firebirds, Lady Warriors, and Nighthawks

Tumbling Instructor

Alyssa White (A2)

All-Star Coach: Thunderbirds and Outlaws

Tumbling Instructor

Lindsey Driskill

All-Star Coach: Smoke, Phoenix, and VooDoo

Tumbling Instructor

Carly Hayden

All-Star Coach: Renegades and Nighthawks

Cricket Gelso

All-Star Coach: Rainmakers

Tumbling Instructor

Shelby Garza

All-Star Coach: Outlaws

Keegan Bullock

All-Star Coach: Arrowheads, and Lady Warriors

Tumbling Instructor

Alyssa Tilton (AT)

All-Star Coach: Na'vi

Emily Shilen

All-Star Coach: Arrowheads and Wildspirits

Tumbling Instructor

Clayten Guerra

All-Star Coach: Moonlight

Tumbling Instructor

Jordan Woodruff

All-Star Coach: Redfeathers, Litefoot, Dreamcatchers, Lady Warriors

Tumbling Instructor

Kaitlyn Hunt

Tumbling Instructor

Kylee Mosley

Tumbling Instructor

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