Tumbling Classes

Our tumbling program is designed to take your child all the way from their first cartwheel to tucks, layouts, and more!   We have three different classes designed to maximize hard work, fun, and safety!   (These were previously labeled rec 1, rec 2, and rec 3) 

Beginner to Backwalkover

This class is designed for the absolute beginner to those perfecting their back walkovers!  Drills and skills covered include all basic skills, backbends, round offs, rolls, kick-overs, and culminates in front and back walkovers.  

Back Handspring Class

This class requires a back walkover or an evaluation to move into.  This class is designed around all things back handsprings!  Your child will develop strength, perform drills, and work the skills needed to successfully perform standing backhandsprings, round-off backhandsprings, and multiple backhandsprings in a row that will be sure to draw applause!

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